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Publicity that Generates Buzz

Publicity that Generates Buzz

Publicity Angles and Pitch Strategies that Move Media and Blog Posts

As I wrap up 2023, I want to offer my own best of list on what media angles you can do to boost your business awareness. PR and communications strategists are always trying to find a way to present a client and build news. News can be a pitched media story, a blog post or even a social media post. There are so many channels now to get your story and image out there. So get inspired, take notes and open your eyes to these story angles. I know that you have something to fit each one of these topics.

1. Hidden Secrets- Connect your audienced with an insider tips, secret or tip. What can you offer? What can you teach that is invaluable to others. Kind of like this blog post! For a sales client, I secured a USA Today article on a salesteam giving tips to a Girl Scout troop on how to close a cookie sale.

2. What to Do - Here's a story angle about informing readers what they must do before they embark on a journey or an event. Perhaps What You Need to Know Before Kayaking in Alaska (what gear you might need?) or Before You Shop for Holiday Presents and How to Cut your shopping Costs.

3. Meet the Face Behind - Everyone likes to know the human story behind a brand, trend, start-up or innovation. Create interest and tell your story unlike anyone else. Did you start a chocolate company or a haircare brand? Explain your method and how you did it.

4. Weather Story - Connect your story or product to climate change or the weather. How does your brand manage in difficult weather or enhance it? Maybe you have an umbrella that's wind resistant or your company ships at the holidays and alerts shoppers to a timeline to avoid holiday rush and typical expectant weather.

5. Making Mistakes - Be an expert, service or product that stops others from making expensive mistakes. What problem does your product or service solve? How do you save your ideal customer money?