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Why Do You Want Public Relations? Questions to Answer Prior to Finding a  PR Team

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Lets talk about you. Why do you want PR support? Are you ready?

Are you prepared to work in a partnership? At MKPR, we work with emerging and long-established small to mid-size companies. We purposely choose to only collaborate with a few clients a year so we can work side-by-side, provide the very best in services and build up your sales. We want you to succeed and have the relationships and experience.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and your team. This will help Maryanne have a more frank discussion with you.

Why do you want PR?
Why is your product or service great?
What does it do?
What part of your story do you want to tell?
What news do you have to share?
Can your product or business story weave into current events?
Why do consumers need to know about you?
Are your products and services readily available?

Behind the Scenes:
What are your goals?
What differentiates you from your competition?
Is your website up to date?
What is your sales process and how do consumers order or find you?
What publications, media, blogs, websites have you been mentioned in?
What conferences do you participate at?
How do you give back to the community?
What events do you participate in?
Have you worked with a PR team in the past? What was the best and worse of that relationship.
Who will manage the relationship with the PR practitioner?
Is this person available now? We work with responsive individuals. Taking more than two days to weeks to reply to questions is not going to work for MKPR.

What do you want to achieve?
Who should be speaking about you?
Who's your target audience?
More sales? Traffic to website?
Build greater awareness?
More influencers to recommend you?
Show support for a cause?

What is your marketing budget?
Consider putting aside at least $2K per month.
How do you section out your budgets now?
What can you spend?
Who is your target audience?
Are you looking for someone to do your social media support including drafting a strategy or a calendar?
Do you have a crisis plan in case of a fire or food poisoning?

Once you know your answers, lets talk. To be bold, one must be prepared, excited and ready to go.